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Ripples of Æffect

Ripple into innovation.

The graduating researchers of MA Innovation Management 2020 at Central Saint Martins have explored the collective theme of Ripples. In nature ripples are a series of small waves on a surface; and in the innovation management context, we see them as the journey of ideas, knowledge, movements and actions which continuously shape our practises and our whole being, while we shape and move these ripples in return.


The year 2020 highlights that the world is full of complexity and we are compelled to notice ripples in many directions: those ideas and changes that ripple out whether they are intentional or unintentional. This knowledge brings forth a new global consciousness and calls forth a question of how can we innovate with purpose, care and intention towards a prosperous shared future.  


Through the Æffect journal, we have gathered insights from some of the world’s most exciting innovators, artists and provocateurs.  We hope you will enjoy rippling into new ways of thinking as we explore ripples. 

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We asked a group of London school children aged 6-7 to create ripples using their favourite medium.  

From drawings to music through to poetry, we received an incredible response from 24 young designers who helped us to explore the concept of ripples and reflect on the practice of innovation management. 

Our senses were awakened by many of the pieces. Some drawings reminded us to be sensitive to all of the elements of matter and how they make up the human and non-human multiverse. Interconnected circles helped us to reflect on how ripples are continuously created and collide with new ripples. Dystopian poetry reminded us to envisage the futures that we didn’t want to see as much as the ones that we are trying to generate with positivity. And images of ripple making creatures made us think about how we are part of the natural world, finding in common our own nature with other species that inhabit this planet also. 

Please enjoy the pieces of work and let them ripple into your practice.