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If there is one certainty in today’s uncertain world, it is that we face unprecedented technological, cultural and political change. For many, this is a cause for concern, however for the graduating class of MA Innovation Management 2019 concern is not about anxiety but a catalyst for action.


The theme of this issue is ‘Reshaping Concern’, which highlights the actions that we, as Innovation Managers have to take to address complex problems. There is a myriad of ways to reshape a concern, but we have identified Eight Movements which we have used in our individual research to explore our concerns. With extraordinary people and knowledge at our disposal, the innovation manager of the next decade needs to think beyond the status quo and towards something more dynamic – like a movement.


The Reshaping Framework

The Reshaping Framework is different from what you may have experienced before. Wherever your concern is located, at an intersection of the social, economic, cultural or environmental world, you can use it to identify the nature of a concern, frame, and reframe it, and harness its opportunities.


The Eight Movements

Our framework consists of Eight Movements, which mimic an essential practice of the innovator, and can be used to dive deeper into your concerns. The Movements are; the Chameleon, the Hinge, the Kite, the Loop, the Magnet, the Pixel, the Pollinator and the Star. All Eight Movements, mould and fold in distinctive ways; they can pivot or empathize, attract or reflect, some zoom in, others zoom out  When the movements combine they offer a limitless way to tackle and reshape your concern.


Be part of the movement

We will be releasing more about the Reshaping Framework and the Eight Movements over the coming weeks. If your organisation would like us to get involved, please email, and we will share our pitch deck. Or, if you’d like to personally donate to help us build the show, visit our Hubbub page, for information and the opportunity to give: