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Yexin Tan

Hi, I am Yexin. I am many things. I am one thing. I am a Chinese who have studied French for the past seven years. I am a culture navigator who worked for Embassy of France and Ministry of Commerce in China facilitating intercontinental exchanges. I am an explorer in entrepreneurship who initiated strategic planning process and oversaw business development, media alliances, advertising, and database-marketing at a start-up company in Beijing. I am an art enthusiast, a blogger whose video content has reached 370,000 people within three months. I am a devotee of classical music, spending a summer working at a Japanese agency introducing European orchestras and ballet artists to China, yet fascinated by the intricate and dynamic world of business where innovation empowers individuals and organisations to create greater social value. I am a creative soul, a critical thinker, an advocate of social change, a reader in humanity. I am becoming.

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