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Xinjin He (Miley)

I am Miley from China. Currently I am studying M.A Innovation Management in Central Saint Martins. 


My passion for, and interest in the creative process has been influenced by two different and diverse factors: growing up in China under the influence of the Confucian tradition, which emphasizes collective duty over individualism; and the growing influence of Western values and globalization. These two cultural collisions have played a unique role in shaping how I approach and view creativity and I believe they give me a unique mental geography from which to approach the process.


I am driven to think about the what I wish to pursue, why do I wish to pursue it and how can I realize my goal or improve upon existing methods or results? Such questions push me right into the heart of the matter and, as I am practical as well as a thinker, they also inspire me to design and execute an effective plan to discover how my questions can be answered both in theory and practice.


I strongly feel that innovation is derived from the desire to solve problems, to break from conventional wisdom to create a better society and environment. If you are interested in talking more about innovation, please contact me.



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