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Tirada Charanwong (Katie)

Iʼm Katie, a marketing executive and graphic designer for an organic food company based in Thailand with a background in architecture. I enjoy brainstorming ideas to create new products and services that would provide people new experiences through the process of design-thinking and implementing visual elements. These values have empowered me to take on creative approaches to rebrand my company and its products so that they align with current trends responding to market demands. Moreover, I advocated for the conversion of an offline system to an online platform by placing greater emphasis on digital marketing and social media. While my professional role has been primarily focused on overseeing marketing materials, it also involves maintaining relationships with oversea clients that include international importers, large retailers and supermarket distributors in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Moving to London has opened new doors for me, offering international insights on design-oriented products and broadening my horizon of doing business on a global scale. My current interests lie within topics that relate to understanding the behaviours of consumers, the potential of e- commerce and the benefits of organic products and sustainable farming. 


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