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Tina El Moheb

I’m Tina El Moheb, a former Landscape Architect by practice and innovation manager in the making. I’ve always been fascinated by design and drawn to the practice of mutli-disciplinary collaboration between architecture, interior and product. Studying innovation management allows me to look at the world of design through a different lens, looking into creative problem solving via innovative and contemporary techniques. My interest is linking design and innovation via people as the common ground, and my previous experience as a landscape architect allows me to visualize the macro scale inter-connections that form between the different touchpoints. 


What better place than London to be at the heart of the cross-over between design and innovation, as well as be in contact with a diverse pool of students with vast amounts of insight and perspectives. My current interest takes inspiration from my hometown Beirut and it’s on going recovery from the civil war, while looking into the concepts of memory and nostalgia as the centre-point of design and innovation.



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