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Tiffany Lee

Having called multiple places “home” (Los Angeles, Seoul, New York, London) throughout my life has shaped me to be who I am today. This diverse cultural background influences my thought and decision-making processes and impacts me to consider multiple perspectives in any given situation. While undergoing an education in advertising design and photography, I quickly learned that I enjoy propelling creativity through research and strategy development. With that in mind, I set out to expand my horizons in numerous environments. I dipped my feet in an array of experiences, from event production, market research, to art direction and digital campaign strategies. MA Innovation Management has helped me to reflect on these experiences and personal interests to define my possible future. Currently, I am fusing my passions and past experiences as a starting point to explore the turbulent landscape of brands and navigate the innovative potentials in brand resilience. I hope to become a storyteller and learn how branding elements can be reassembled and managed to curate experiences for value creation.

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