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Shreya Shenava

I’m Shreya Shenava, or fondly know as Shen in MAIM 2018, and I’ve spent the past four years gaining experience in the various fields of design, from automotive interiors for Mercedes Benz, to graphic design in an Indian digital content start-up and then furniture and interior design for a bespoke Scandinavian furniture company in London. From each I have gained experience that has made me a designer that values function and form. Studying and working in India, Singapore and the United Kingdom resulted in me gaining diverse experiences from a variety of design cultures. My love for design and making is on-going, as I try to navigate this new world of management through innovation. As an established versatile designer, my current interests lie in design thinking and collaborative practices as seen in multidisciplinary consultancies. Supplemented by my interest in sustainability and co-design, my current research is an amalgamation of these concepts as used in design thinking, design management & leadership and its strategic use for innovation.

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