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MA Innovation Management
Central Saint Martins, UAL 

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Paula Leon

Hola, I’m Paula, a Peruvian communicator and marketer, curious about people, their behaviour and culture, constantly questioning our status quo and trying to understand why we obey society’s rules. Travel is one of my biggest passions, I think there is an addictive element which attracts me to explore different cultures and societies, observing, interacting and understanding people is a small part of who I am. After more than 4 years of experience working within different industries, I had the opportunity to change paths and was introduced to the Innovation world while working as an Innovation Strategist for a Peruvian bank. This experience allowed me to learn new skills, to build teamwork and leadership qualities. It revealed the insight that there is a need to maintain the client’s voice alive within every company and this could be done by applying successful innovative processes. Moreover, this experience switched my mindset and introduced me to a new world were I wish to stay for a long long time. I am interested in researching the possibility to insert Human Centered Design into old fashioned educational structures for developing countries like Peru.


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