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MA Innovation Management
Central Saint Martins, UAL 

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Ola Bakowska

I’m Ola, an empathic individual putting my soul into everything I do. Born and raised in Warsaw with background in design I joined MA Innovation Management to explore how values are put into action and how can organisations bring relevant change in implementing Sustainable Development Goals. In 2017 I’ve been awarded a Young Poland scholarship by National Centre for Culture. I am passionate for human rights, sustainability, transparency and critical of fashion. Last years of my life I spend designing, blogging and collaborating with NGO’s and brands to create dialogue and knowledge sharing for the industry that bears a potential of bringing meaningful change to communities, yet at the same time it boosts hyper consumption and carries out disastrous ecological and social footprint globally. I am eager to experiment and have hands on approach to researching social and responsible innovation that could bring new answers to these complex matters.

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