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Melody Won

I’m Melody, a catalyst for creative energy, who loves bringing together people and ideas. A believer in synchronicity, I explore the world with an open mind and an eagerness for learning which has led me to many unexpected opportunities. With 10 years of creative experience, I have been a designer in New York, an entrepreneur in Beijing, and an art director in San Francisco. I have worked with a range of companies from a VR start-up to a womenswear brand to an experiential marketing agency which has given me insight into the creative process in a range of industries. MA Innovation Management has introduced me to theories and methods such as open innovation, the circular economy, and speculative design where cross disciplinary knowledge can be used to drive innovation. After spending the past 3 years traveling as a “digital nomad”, I am interested in researching how space can build connection between the environment and local and global communities.

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