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MA Innovation Management
Central Saint Martins, UAL 

Granary Building,
1 Granary Square, Kings Cross
London, N1C 4AA

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Kriti Dhiman

I’m a designer and an artist. I’ve developed an interest in art and craftsmanship through my learnings while working in the fashion export sector and artisan industry in India. I’ve always enjoyed backpacking to new places, which has taught me to value people and cultures and celebrate the differences in the identities. Making a move to London and pursuing my further education in MA Innovation Management has opened up my horizons, and has made me think creatively in a way that I hadn’t done before. It has upskilled me to approach things and identify opportunities in an unconventional way.  Currently, I’m focused on experimenting with design as a commodity and as a medium of social innovation.
Through my research, I wish to contribute to the artisan sector, to help build their sustainable communities which are responsible for crafting the luxury that connects the local and the global.


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