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Kelly Gallagher

I’m Kelly, a California-born creative thinker who loves bringing people together, co-creating opportunities and getting things done. My 25+ years participating in team sports has facilitated a love of collaboration and the fun that comes along with it. I enjoy working with and learning from others and greatly appreciate the diverse experiences we all have. These values enabled me to grow a business by empowering my teams to have a customer-centric focus while enjoying the process. My professional success inspired me to further explore how creativity, collaboration and fun might cultivate goal achievement within organizations and provide the foundation for exemplary customer experience. Making the move to London allowed me to gain insights from international perspectives and design thinking methods which facilitated a deeper understanding of how innovation opportunities can be identified and implemented. My current interests lie in exploring what retailers can do to make people’s lives more enjoyable. I’m researching Jobs Theory, a non-traditional consumer market segmentation method, with the aim of learning how to think from the consumer’s point of view and find the gaps in which a retailer can differentiate itself.

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