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Keer Zhang

Hi I’m Keer, originally from Yinchuan, China. I experienced 7 years of education in the United States, including a BFA degree in interior design at Pratt Institute. While working for architecture studios and collaborating with other designers, I realized gaps in between creativity and business. Living in London and studying at Central Saint Martins gives me opportunities to perceive more views, attitudes and values. Innovation management course teaches me to rationalize with reasons and make use of a wider range of knowledge. Currently my interests lie in strategic planning, specifically in retail design and branding. While e-commercing is dominating the market in 2019, I am curious to investigate further how to make physical retail spaces more attractive, more profitable, and tell even more memorable stories of the brands. I am also largely interested in collaborating and working with talented individuals who are not afraid of taking risks. My passion is to make creative and influential experiences for those who are excited about changes.


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