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Katherine Simpson

If this was for real, rather than a virtual snoop, I’d beam a smile, make a cuppa and we’d put the world to rights. Sadly, this is less endearing and more of a brief encounter. I’m a freelance creative director collaborating with clients across the third sector and organisations enabling creativity for good. The last decade has exposed the need for great transformation in the quest and application for altruistic behaviour in business due to a multitude of reasons including the self-inflicted realisation that we inhabit a finite planet and human progress as we know today has to radically change for tomorrow’s future. This is highlighted in the report that 25% of UK social enterprises are under three years old and Corporate Social Responsibility has become best practice in strategy and investment. Today’s climate demands organisations to be accountable and transparent. This provoked an unknown emergent called responsibility. The matter of concern is how best to exploit innovation. How management can be applied to ensure we cooperatively and collectively tackle the systems and not the symptoms of societies wicked problems. Is it possible to design a sustainable society – beyond modernity, that values conviviality, care and participation in order to create a society flourishing in well-being and buen vivir?


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