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Karina Tsai

I’m Karina, born and raised in Hong Kong with a diverse background in public relations, branding and marketing. My bachelor education in journalism and communications has taught me the importance of details and that even a small change in things could make a huge impact.


I really enjoy working in teams and collaborate with people of different academic and cultural background. My professional success of working with digital tech savvy and entrepreneurs, as well as their passion in making an innovative impact have inspired me to explore how creativity, innovation and digital tech could make our everyday life better. Instead of looking it from a business perspective, I chose to explore things from the arty side –  where I believe designs (of basically everything!) plays an influential but understated role. And I have to say, coming from an Asian background, London has been a real eye-opener!


Some people think innovation means failure – trying to do things that could probably never succeed. To me, innovation is for those who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. There is no such thing as failure, only that they are yet to succeed. If you are looking for something new, even if that’s just a small alteration in the process, feel free to connect and see what we can do as one team. 🙂



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