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Julie Wöhl

I’m Julie, born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany and a dreamer who always fantasizes about the future, loving to work creatively and yet solution-oriented. My passion for travelling and getting to know other countries and their cultures led me to choosing international education, completing my bachelors in Cologne, Bordeaux, France and completing internships in Sweden and social work in Costa Rica. I enjoy working and learning in diverse environments and benefitting from people with different academic and cultural backgrounds.

I like to focus on how cooperation in a working environment and in everyday life between people from different cultural and academic backgrounds leads to new horizons and ways to succeed both in a business environment and in the private life. This inspired me to become part of the MA Innovation Management course and to further investigate how intercultural collaboration can lead to more innovative concepts in different fields.

I am interested in exploring opportunities in Innovation Management that no one has discovered yet. To question established “models” and “concepts” every day instead of just following them within a corporation. I believe in “Creative Destruction” and looking at how evolutionary processes invade established systems and lead to innovation.


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