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Ji Ji

Hi~ I am Ji Ji, from Shanghai, China. I have studied painting for more than ten years, which has cultivated my certain artistic aesthetic ability. In my undergraduate study in CAA, I started learning visual communication design, which makes me very sensitive to graphics and colours. These experiences gave me the imagination of an artist and the logical thinking of a designer.

I love working with a team. Brainstorming is one of my favourite working processes, because the collision of thoughts will bring me many unexpected inspirations. At the same time, I also like planning. It is exciting for me to plan my works and make a great balance with my life.

Studying innovative management in London will open a new door for me with my future career. I still love art and design, however, the knowledge of management will make my thinking more rigorous and help me manage ideas and find ways to realize them. My current interest lies in the brand strategy. In my opinion,we should regard brans as life. Each brand should have its own unique life and live with its own style and characteristicssustainably. At the same time, I am also creating my own illustration works and looking forward to finding business partners.

If you are interested in art, design and innovation, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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