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Jhanvi Lathia

Hey my name is Jhanvi Lathia and I am from Bombay, India. Being a Graphic Designer with a passion for patterns, lines and bold prints I love exploring new things. I have worked in the branding, packaging and strategy field always as a visual communicator.


My interest in management was piqued while I worked for a start-up where my role was versatile & I was adapting to the needs of the company. I am passionate about hybrid fields where design and creative processes combine with strategy because I believe that should be an integral part of any company.


Through my MA in Innovation Management I want to explore how collaborative and empathetic design can lead to new innovative ideas and better brand strategy. I want to understand how systems should be designed as well and how creative opportunities can lead to seamless ways of living. I would love to work with people in a team who see things differently and that’s why moving to London has enriched me. I believe design can aid businesses like a symbiotic relationship crucial for success. I love collecting stamps, travelling and mint green. Please contact me if you’re interested!


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