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Jamie Chia-Ying

Hi I’m Chia-Ying, also known as Jamie, a Brand Designer from Taiwan who used to work as a Womenswear Designer and Product Designer in East Asia. After few years working for different types of company in various sectors, following by a year innovative fashion design programme working with bioartists, I started to look closer into global sustainability issues within and without the fashion field. My current interests lie in exploring more behaviorism, cognitive psychology and trend forecasting. In order to indulge my curiosity, I’m now working more on Systemic Design, which will allow me to think out of the box and to be able to experiment different approaches to help integrate systems thinking with design towards sustainability at environmental, social and economic level. I enjoy collaborating and learning from people with different professional backgrounds and greatly appreciate the diverse experiences I have ever had since I moved to London. These precious values encourage me to build a cultural and creative business in the near future with customer-centric focus while enjoying every opportunity to learn from work.

Feel free to contact me via email to have more innovative brainstorming discussions or any inquiry about fashion collaborations (design, branding, styling). Thanks:)  


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