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Ilaria Rosini

I’m Ilaria, I was born in Italy but maybe “home” is out there.I don’t believe in patterns, in grades, in traditions, in conformism. I don’t believe in methods, in the infallibility of computers and humankind; I don’t believe in fashion (that in the end enslaves us), I don’t believe in dictatorships, in wars. But not even in peace. I don’t believe in people who compliment me, in people who arrived somewhere (can we ever arrive for real?), in people who say to have knowledge; I don’t believe in people who talk too much, but not even in people who talk too little. I lived in Milan, in London, in Los Angeles and in Barcelona. Starting from a business background, I then decided to chase a new point of view.I am passionate, I really am. Maybe I believe in humans, and in art as the representation of purity, of what we can’t hide or blame when we look at our image in the mirror. Well, maybe I believe in things that cannot trickus. And I have a big dream. Utopian, pretentious probably, but I have a big dream: in this reality controlled by Internet, I would like to be able to create, one day, something that cannot be found by typing its name in to internet. Something that can go beyond our “online life”, something that has to be experienced. I want to be able to create an emotion (what a pretentious, I know). I am not an artist, not a writer or a scientist. I would like to be able to see something that hasn’t been seen yet, something that hasn’t been felt yet.


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