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Hannah Lyons-Tsai

My name’s Hannah and I have a diverse background in business. I have a range of experience working firstly with international law firms in Dubai and the UK; later moving my career in to marketing and branding, working freelance for some of the UK’s most well-known fashion companies.  

My innate interest in justice has led me to question how traditional branding and business strategies can be used for good. I have since been volunteering with a charity that campaigns for garment workers’ rights and have been building a community of people with similar interests, organising events that focus on ethical and sustainable fashion promotion.  

Through my MA Innovation Management studies I am exploring how systems thinking, collaboration and innovation management strategies can be used to bring about a change to the inequalities in the world and, in particular, the systems that are contributing to climate change.  I also wish to use my range of skills developed through practice to develop new business models that can generate opportunities for organisations focussing on positive change. I’d welcome hearing from you at LinkedIn or by email if you’d like to discuss collaboration opportunities.  


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