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MA Innovation Management
Central Saint Martins, UAL 

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Hannah Alexander-Wright

I’m Hannah, an experienced international education marketer.  For 16 years I worked at both public and private educational institutions, doing business in 30 countries, living in four and visiting many more.  I now run an award-winning innovation, marketing and coaching consultancy, empowering institutions and individuals to fulfil their international ambitions. I work with universities, schools, agents, start-ups, consultancies and service providers, empowering, enabling and supporting my clients to success. I combine my work with studying, finding new interests in cross-disciplinary researching and identifying opportunities in a complex environment.


I love working with metaphor and am fascinated by the benefits that taking a phenomenon from one situation and putting into another can bring.  I’m currently researching how to maintain commitment to long-term organisational change by exploring the tools and methods used by people who have undergone long-term weight-loss. What is the formula for maintaining their sustainable and successful long-term change, and what lessons can organisations learn about change management through this research?


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