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Felicitas Olschewski

I’m Felicitas, a creative activist with the love for sport, innovation strategy and technology. Whilst having worled for a decade in creative communications in Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam on global accounts such as adidas, Apple, eBay, Google, Samsung and Youtube as a Creative Director, my MA Innovation Management is leading me to explore new fields of research and strategy, eco-innovation, business model innovation and the Circular Economy. Having grown up in the Bavarian Alps, I am passionate about sport and was on the road to semi-professional alpine skiing before high-school. However, what is made to shield and protect us athletes from nature’s elements is threatening the environment we move in, and thus our wellbeing. As an athlete committed to giving back, I am interested in the management of regenerative processes, business and systems innovation in order to reassemble the relationship between business, people and the Planet. I’m currently researching collaboration and collective intelligence for the successful transition from a linear to the Circular Economy.

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