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MA Innovation Management
Central Saint Martins, UAL 

Granary Building,
1 Granary Square, Kings Cross
London, N1C 4AA

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Emma Prevost

I’m Emma, I am Parisian-born and came to London five years ago to explore new creative horizons whilst graduating in Management and Marketing. I love discovering new cultures and learning from others. The more diverse the group I find myself in, the better.


I consider myself a social and creative thinker; appreciating the company of others as well as their insights; co-creating opportunities and discovering ones I didn’t think were possible previously. These values allowed me to develop great relationships over the years and a strong work ethic. They have also immensely widened my curiosity as to how things function and operate.


This course has given me great insights in design thinking methods, helping me think circular and understand in a deeper way how innovation has to be managed in order for great opportunities to arise and work.


I am currently focused on exploring how more sustainable practices can be incorporated innovatively in luxury corporations and startups, in design methods of producing clothing but also in branding, consumer-behavior, supply-chain strategies and carbon footprint impact reduction. I want to be part of this revolutionary shift that I believe represents the future and will positively impact us all.


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