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Elizabete Ilstere

Hi there, I’m Elizabete, born and raised in Riga, Latvia and from an early age have always  been interested in art and design. I love traveling, experiencing different cultures and exchanging ideas with people. My educational background lies within retail design and management. During my studies I took the opportunity to spend exchange semesters and do internships in Denmark, China and the UK, which has made me more open minded and shown things from many different perspectives. Since graduating from bachelors, I have been working in sales and marketing within fashion and lifestyle sectors. I am continuously curious in gaining new knowledge and as an innovation manager interested in developing strategies and thinking of different ways of how to contribute to a positive change, bring emotional value within an organization, which can drive positive impact to people and the environment so we can live better, more sustainable and happier lives. In the future, I would like to work on diverse projects and I strongly believe that collaboration is the key for developing innovative concepts.


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