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Elisenda Torras

I’m a passionate innovative and social entrepreneur born in Barcelona and now living in London, who loves fashion and enjoy connecting people. I’m super interested in the process of gathering different potential and make collaborations to happen. However, my focus point is to explore and know more about how those connections are made, and why are made on that way. Driven by the values and mission of the entrepreneurial sector, I recently launched WeModex. A network platform where fashion professionals can network and bring ideas together for a further development. Its aim is to become a benchmark within the creation of strategic connections, forming a collaborative background among all stakeholders in the fashion entrepreneurial ecosystem. With PR & International Relations experience, I find myself continuously seeking for new and exciting innovative opportunities to add value to my professional path, within the retail innovation sector, and recently very much engaged with the Art sector and how is it connected with the business sector. And I strongly believe we are living in a Society of CO (CO-llaboration, CO-creation, CO-operation, CO-…! I’m fully convinced the way to generate “economic power” in the coming years will consist of mixed teams, based on a legitimate commitment to collaborations in order to explore and exploit new ways of creating value for people.

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