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MA Innovation Management
Central Saint Martins, UAL 

Granary Building,
1 Granary Square, Kings Cross
London, N1C 4AA

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Dagmara Bachirova

The topic of innovation quickly captured my interest while studying Intellectual Property and Competitive Law in Paris, especially innovation in the production of fashion and more specifically in the way luxury corporations and startups manage innovation.


I have enjoyed being employed in a variety of roles in the industry of fashion from customer facing to B2B. It has brought great delight to me to see the technology industry and fashion industry work together to create more sustainable methods of producing clothing.


I have kept a close eye on innovation in wearable tech, smart fabrics & the use of technology to sell fashion as I believe this where the future of this multi-billion-dollar industry is.


My ambition is to play a key role in the development of innovation in fashion as I truly believe it will change the lives of the 1.8 billion people it employs globally and everyone else who consumes it.


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