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D.Y. (Yue Deng)

Hello, my name is Deng Yue, “Deng”is my surname. In Chinese tradition, the family name is placed before the given name which reflecting the collective is more important than an individual. From this inconspicuous difference, we can tell there could be diverse gaps between eastern and western culture. Differences normally lead to conflicts. For example, during the project work,my team members who from western countries insisted the process-oriented which was time consuming; however, what I learned from my previous work experiences was that bosses only cared about the outcomes, particularly in the context of economy booming, “fastest”could be a crucial principle. Fortunately,  I was trained by my years’ career to be an outsider when facing an uncertain and unfarmiliar world. I had served for more than 50 brands covered various industries in advertising agencies. Every time whenI involved in a new client meant being overwhelmed by fresh information, before updated knowledge systems, stayed as an outsider at the first stage was easy to keep a cool head to observe and discourse objectively. Now I am interested in combining eastern cutting-edge concepts with western academic methodologies, which might be distinguished but not incompatible. I am sure that the chemistry could be “1+1>2”, it’ll be much more than bridging the gaps.


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