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Carolina Gomez

I’m Carolina Gomez, born and raised in Colombia, a place where magic emerges at every single corner and smiles come up from every person. I come from a background in Business Administration and have worked for more than 5 years in retail as a product manager for women’s apparel.


My constant curiosity about getting a better and closer understanding of humans brought me to London and to CSM as a platform for exploration. I feel driven to study human behavior, understand it closely and be able to connect to people. I feel inspired by a cohort of multidisciplinary and multicultural backgrounds where ideas emerge and evolve within a context of collaboration.


This journey has led me to explore myself and reconnect with my emotions. Accept that life is not static and shouldn’t set myself into standards. I think this is the first step to promote innovation at any level. Understand that change is inevitable and important, and that there’s not a setup of steps or methodologies to follow.



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