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Ayushi Agrawal



My name is Ayushi, which means long life, but ironically my interests live shortly. As I am equally passionate about art and design, architecture, gastronomy, fashion, technology, socio-cultural spaces and biology which has shaped me as an oscillating body curious about everything in our inter-connected world. And because of this spectrum my identity is fluid and I aspire to shape it as abstractly as possible through diverse experiences in the fields of Innovation.


I was born and raised in India where I have actively worked as a Jewellery designer, responsible for Market Research, Experimentation and Product development. My Professional experience has made me a conscious practitioner in relation to Resources, Time and People whereas Personal experience has taught me to respect other’s belief. While relocating to London is a risk taken for exploring boundaries in order to re-structure my creative framework and paint the picture with better tools.


Currently I am inclined towards the emerging sources of information in the virtual landscape and the rapidly evolving actor-action relationships. I am very enthusiastic, loves meditation and always enjoy open discussions about anything so please feel free to drop an email.


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