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Ann Marie Newton

Having lived in both the USA & UK, and studied art, design and science has afforded me numerous outlooks to draw upon.  I’ve enjoyed 20 years working in the Textile and Fashion industries where I’ve come to discover a love of innovating products and processes.  An aptitude for experimentation leads me to remain open to possibilities and opportunities. My creative flare shows itself in my love of the colour orange, photography and weaving. I’m also a thinker, who likes to let things percolate.  I’m fascinated by ‘hybrids’ where different worlds collide, there is something magical in the opportunities afforded when different fields and disciplines meet each other.

Currently in my MA Innovation journey, I am exploring the applications of Play, in business and for therapeutic means. The idea of Innovating with care is something I’m reflecting on. What does Innovating with care look like? What are the applications of Care Innovation, beyond health and even beyond the human?


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