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Aishwarya Murali

If you keep zooming into the southern part of an Indian map, you might just get lucky and find Hosur. The place I call home. An industrial town filled with migrants. It lies at the border of 2 states, l grew up with a multicultural background. Learning and able to mingle. Wrapped in cultures, coated with product design knowledge, topped with Innovation Management and sprinkled with Curiosity and enthusiasm makes ‘me’. With my background in product design, I grew to be aligned towards products, tools and materials. They always fascinated me. During my collection design and graduation project I took this interest further to test my skills in craft design exploring different handicrafts of India. I was concerned about the cultural value and history each product carries and worked hard to make it available to the world! This journey continued when I innovated a set of tools for the same craft. Innovation design seemed to be the best course to attain my passion and learn about cultures. I have never been more excited about the great skills I learnt here. l love challenges and everything that questions my knowledge. In future, I would love to explore more on lines of craft-thinking as an essential skill!


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