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Open Call for Artists !

Submit your Artwork - Win a £50 Amazon Voucher!

“We approach our lives on different trajectories, each of us spinning in our own separate, shining orbits. What gives this life its resonance is when those trajectories cross and we become engaged with each other, for as long or as fleetingly as we do. There’s a shared energy then, and it can feel as though the whole universe is in the process of coming together.”

– Richard Wagamese, Ojibwe author and journalist

The Brief

Trajectories propel us into territories known and unknown. They shapeshift in form and speed, simultaneously knocking us off course and redirecting us towards alternative ways of being, knowing and understanding. The forces of trajectories from which we emerge – as individuals and collectives – are the accelerants, disruptors, and catalysts of future possibilities.

Whilst we are ourselves susceptible to the action of given forces, we too have the power to be catalysts of new trajectories – from unlearning our personal biases, to challenging the systems and provoking the cultures that shape our understanding, as innovators, a community of innovation and wider. Æffect exists to make tangible this iterative relationship between affect and effect, where consequence becomes cause and cause becomes consequence.

We invite you to contribute to the issue with what inspires you, what scares you, what makes you excited and what you think deserves to be brought to light. Your artwork can reflect your understanding of our definition of trajectories or follow your own, you can experiment both with manual and digital mediums to achieve your vision.

The final artwork needs to be digitized.

Here is something to inspire you!

The magazine this year is structured in three sections:


A person, event, or idea that acts as a stimulant, increasing the rate at which a trajectory catapults into existence. It sits at the early stage of becoming—an emergent force allowing us to escape our rigidity towards uncertainty.


The point where separate trajectories intersect with one another. Where there is collision, there are shockwaves: we explore what “places” unites us as a global network, an evolving culture, and as a living planet.


Cyclical paths can help us look at systems as a whole rather than the sum of their parts. How can we harness this shared energy to propel us into more equitable futures, where one planet can co-exist and thrive in harmony?

And some keywords…

What to Create

At Æffect we welcome diverse interpretations of the theme ‘Trajectories’ to co-exist alongside each other in both print and online formats. You can produce your artwork however you like: PORTRAIT and/or LANDSCAPE, done digitally or physically (must be digitized).

Examples of possible mediums:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Collage
  • Digital 
  • Photograph

The winning submission will be the cover of the 4th issue of the Æffect Magazine! Other honorable participants will be featured in different ways as Æffect contributions. 

Submission Format

You can produce your artwork however you like! but please submit it as one of the following:

jpg, png, ai, ind, psd, svg

Make sure that the image is crisp and in high resolution:

  • if portrait min 1920×1080 pixels
  • if landscape min 1080×1920 pixel

If you would like to contribute to Æffect and become part of our collective of creatives, please complete the submission form that follows, with your contribution, by Thursday 10th February. Submissions will be shortlisted by the end of that week and you will be contacted between 14-18th February.

The winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher !

If you have any questions, please get in touch at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

By submitting your artwork you give us permission to use it on all Æffect communication channels.