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The MA Innovation Management degree show 2020 was designed to celebrate the diversity of our cohort and our research sensibilities under the collective theme of Ripples. 


Over the last two year as a collective of researchers heralding from many different backgrounds, we developed research in areas spanning social sciences, business studies and creative practice.  A common thread throughout all of our work however was a desire to create innovation with care and respond to the challenges of today by stewarding a regenerative future.  Hence, the theme of Ripples emerged, allowing us to explore the ways in which we can be sensitive to the output of our creative practices.



After migrating to a completely virtual world, the show seized the opportunities that emerged from this new challenge with a creative approach. The showcase became a global forum which created an exciting environment to showcase the learnings from each of the researchers’ work.  We were joined in conversation with a collective of some of the world’s most exciting innovators who are, in their own unique way, contributing to regenerative and positive futures. 


Working with the theme of Ripples we gathered our research topics under the following sub-themes:

the four event themes

  • Rippling Ways of Being
  • Regenerating Fashion Circles
  • Reimagining Organisational Waves
  • Reawakening the Marketplace


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Rippling Ways of Being – Innovation management for humans and nonhumans


event speakers

Clockwise from top right: Amy Foster-Taylor, Rakhi Rajani, Adah Parris, Anna Murray

The subtheme Rippling Ways of Being brought together researchers who asked questions that tackle innovation management with an ontological, philosophical, sociological and anthropological eye. It explored emergence in innovation management for humans and nonhumans – connecting the dots in larger networks of social systems that are inherent in any innovation. By diverging from current methods and processes into practices that are embodied, mindsets shift from strategies to cultures. The researchers in this group have explored topics from immersive technology, to the regeneration of social networks, the performance of design, persistent mindset strategies, and visions of sustainable transition. All these topics met in tackling complex questions towards future eco-systems where humans and nonhumans can thrive.

The Rippling Ways of Being graduating researchers were in conversation with: Rakhi Rajani, innovation and psychology expert & chief digital officer at Genomics England; Anna Murray, co-founder of creative agency Patternity; Adah Parris, futurist, cultural strategist, keynote speaker & board advisor; and Amy Foster-Taylor, co-founder of research & consulting lab And Beyond.


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Regenerating Fashion Circles – Created a call to action to shift fashion systems


event speakers

Clockwise from top right: Rachel Arthur, Richard James MacCowan, Kathleen Rademan, Charles Ross

The subtheme Regenerating Fashion Circles explored a range of ideas, principles and fundamental innovations for the next decades. The researchers in this group explored models, concepts and forms in order to bring about new waves within fashion through circular models; and address climate issues and the role fashion has to play in our everyday lives. Regenerating Fashion Circles looked into consumer behaviour and critically examined trends in order to embrace new ways of shopping and consider how art, AI and innovation management practices are applied within the fashion sector.

The Regenerating Fashion Circles graduating researchers conversed with: Richard James MacCowan, founder of Biomimicry Innovation Lab; Kathleen Rademan, director of innovation at Fashion for Good; Charles Ross, performance sportswear design & sustainability consultant; and Rachel Arthur, innovation consultant & co-founder of FashMash.


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Reimagining Organisational Waves – Reconceptualising work practice to nurture contemporary cultures


event speakers

Clockwise from top right: Meredith Smith, Robert Wolfe, Nishita Dewan, Katrin Unger

The subtheme Reimagining Organisational Waves explored ways to improve and innovate organisational management processes and practises within companies and their respective workplaces. The researchers in this group explored areas such as cultivating meaningful innovation, transforming systems and embracing a culture of curiosity in order to create more care-based and ethical cultures; and improve organisation dynamics. Reimagining Organisational Waves looks into various ways of improving organisational culture, and draws insights from different areas of knowledge and culture.

The Reimagining Organisational Waves graduating researchers were joined by: Nishita Dewan, systemic leadership consultant and founder of CollaboratEQ; Meredith Smith, managing innovation consultant at Fluxx & London leader for Women in Innovation; Katrin Unger, coach for sustainable innovation & CEO of RecycleUp! Ghana; and Robert Wolfe, leadership coach, storytelling trainer & innovation facilitator.


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Reawakening the Marketplace – Envisioning marketplace actions for regenerative futures

Clockwise from top right: Emma Hislop, Abhijit Patil, Andres Roberts, Lea Gejer

The subtheme Reawakening the Marketplace reimagined consumerism for a regenerative planet. The researchers in this group focussed on a range of topics, from how to create durable food systems, to exploring new radical packaging materials, innovating touch for ethical cosmetics, reimagining pensions for a post-pandemic world and designing new sustainable business models. This subtheme challenged the status quo within current market practices to reimagine the future in order to create a regenerative planet for us all to live in.

The Reawakening the Marketplace graduating researchers were in conversation with: Andres Roberts, founder of the Bio-Leadership Project & co-founder of The Way of Nature; Abhijit Patil, documentary photographer & Permaculturalist; Emma Hislop, inaugural artist in residence at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Lea Gejer, founder at Flock and Ideia Circular – pioneering circular design in the Brazilian market.


We are extremely grateful for everyone that joined our event and the generosity of our collaborators for committing their time and voices to our movement. By way of a thank you gift, we dedicated a tree to each of them through the Woodland Trust. With a regenerative future in mind, we are hopeful that the ripples we created together will continue.


Degree show speakers on zoom