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The class of 2020 consisted of 29 researchers with a rich global perspective. Together we formed a collaborative learning community to engage with the course and draw upon experiences in a range of fields, including design, business, dance, policy, digital entrepreneurship and art.


MA Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins combines theory and practice, mixing creative projects and fieldwork opportunities with lectures and rigorous writing assignments. Over the past two years, we experimented both theoretically and practically – working in small multi-disciplinary teams to write essays, present project work and take on board self-directed study. In the first year we learnt how to manage uncertainty and deal with failure without inhibiting creativity.


The uncertainty project enabled us to embrace uncertainty and to further forecast innovative future scenarios. In collaboration with an external organisation, we learnt the art of risk taking and failure, and its implications for innovation in a thought-provoking and inspiring project. This provided us with a vision of how we see our futures as innovation managers and how we position ourselves to drive change and exploit the possibilities of the future.


Little did we know how soon we would be utilising these skills. The pandemic of 2020 was a great opportunity for us to truly test our skills in collaborative working and creativity. What we have learnt in this experience has equipped us with the necessary skills we need to become innovation catalysts.

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Our researchers can be found via their LinkedIn profiles listed or you can read more about their work on the UAL virtual degree show platform

To read more about the 2020 graduating researchers degree show click here.


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The MA Innovation Management 2020 and 2021 cohorts gathering pre-pandemic