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There is a new vista appearing in the innovation landscape, alongside social, service and frugal innovation. This fresh perspective is emerging on the horizon currently dominated by technological innovation, it is as if the very roots of technology are being

Fictional cartoon characters deal with adversity differently to us humans. In cartoons, the characters reshape their concerns in exaggerated ways, often teaching us a lesson or demonstrating a moral. Where humans may brood about their concern, endlessly worrying about it,

In this short interview with Marco Ugolini, graphic and type designer, author of the font used in the Reshaping Concern brand identity, researcher Katherine Simpson finds out about how he integrates political concerns into his design practice.   Marco perceives all design as

The cohort of MA Innovation Management 2019 at Central Saint Martins offers a unique positioning of a management and innovation course hosted in an art and design university.   We are an interdisciplinary, multicultural collection of Innovation Managers, well-versed at operating in