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Sea, sky and horizon line


Reframe the border, with Æffect.

Borders, and the worlds they create around them, are spaces of uncertainty and opportunity, lines of exclusion and connection. As researchers in Innovation Management working with many disciplines and different kinds of knowledge, we are always drawn to what education experts call, “liminal” spaces, zones of transition and learning. They’re difficult spaces to work in, because the learning they generate changes our ways of seeing and thinking, our practices and goals. A skill of the innovation manager is in recognising not just those difficult, transient moments of learning, but in seeing the new tools and insights they offer.


This issue highlights some of the learning from the often multi-disciplinary experts who work across border spaces, and who have developed new practices and upcoming features  include: Maria Smith of Interrobang, a multi-disciplinary architecture and design practice; to Terry Irwin and Gideon Kossoff, pioneers of Transition Design; to the Reverend Dr Andrew Goodhead, Spiritual Care Lead at St Christopher’s hospice; to Justinien Trebillion editor of the award-winning Migrant Journal.