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MA Innovation Management by UAL
Central St Martins.

About the course.

AEffect is a digital platform constructed to form a strong, self-perpetuating community of MA Innovation Management (MA:IM) students, alumni, staff, and industry partners; whilst blurring the boundaries between them through reflective dialogue, meaningful interaction and shared visions of the innovation landscape.


AEffect aims to do this through the development of three interwoven strands designed to reinforce each other:
Content Platform

A communication channel to showcase and highlight the work of the MA:IM community in relation to curated and analytical reviews of key topics and innovation management actors and related disciplines. This element not only triggers internal conversation within the MA:IM community, but also strengthens and demonstrates MA:IM culture and practice to the wider world.

Professional Network

It provides the opportunity for members of the MA:IM community to interact internally and to collaborate with the extended industry network. This holds exciting possibilities to strengthen relationships based on shared research, areas of expertise, professional opportunities and co-development projects. The digital community will be enhanced by events held throughout the year.

Mentorship Scheme

A program created by MA:IM alumni. It invites alumni's employer to offer a research-based placement to students who will be mentored by the alumni to facilitate the alignment of research and work. This represents a reciprocal opportunity: for alumni and their employer to gain unique, tailored research to benefit the host company, and for students to be mentored towards the production of relevant knowledge to enter into their targeted industry.